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Dear friend and entrepreneur,

Let me ask you a rhetorical question. How much are you OVER paying for your company website? Did you know you could do a better job all by yourself?

You can, and I’d like to show you how.

It all begins with WordPress and if you think you know WordPress from past experience, think again.

It’s more than a blogging platform today, as it has grown up to become the foremost do-it-yourself website builder on the planet..


Sure, it’s still the #1 choice of cute blogging kittens, but it’s also the top choice of many Fortune 500 companies as well. In fact, Bloomberg even named WordPress’ creator Top Young Tech Entrepreneur of 2011 and touted WordPress’ versatility and power, noting some of the most popular sites are using this open source framework. This just goes to show you how simple it is to start, and how powerful and versatile it can be when needed.

Since its 2003 inception, more people have been building on, and perfecting the WordPress framework, than there have been working on most of the expensive non-open source solutions that are out there, combined. This is why it has outlasted many of them.

all-themes-wordpressWordPress is still growing, and will surely continue to be a robust web content management solution for years to come, with brand-new features and abilities, added almost daily. Not only are WordPress sites becoming more versatile and slick looking on the front side, (what your customer sees) they are getting easier to operate from the backside, too (where you design and add content).

Wordpress also has thousands of easy-to-install plugins that automatically perform important functions that many people are still needlessly paying webmasters to do. That said, many entrepreneurs are still reluctant to give the “do-it-yourself” route a try, because while available, following the directions for installing a WordPress site and getting it to do the things the business owner requires it to do, has been akin to going on a scavenger hunt.

Not surprisingly, scavenger hunts aren’t as much fun when time is money. That’s why I want to introduce a brand new WordPress solution! It’s a set of videos that essentially allows a person to watch over someone else’s shoulder, while they do everything correctly and follow along doing it themselves right, the first time too!

It’s the perfect solution for the business man who wants more control of their web presence without having to learn how to become a geek!

Here’s the link, give it a try on a separate domain without telling your webmaster and when you see how easy it is to use, give him or her a little severance package, and send them packing.

C. R. Alexander

Certified DotComSecret Internet Marketing Advisor and IM Product Reviewer with substantial experience in SEO Education, Web Designing, Off-line and Online Lead Generation, eCommerce, Video Marketing, Social Marketing, Mobile Marketing Expert with more than 10 years Direct Marketing, Branding, Reputation Marketing and Real Estate Marketing Services. Also involved in Crime Scene Investigation, Law Enforcement, Security Management and Police Training for more that 29 years.

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